Hello World

Yet another attempt at keeping a blog, I hope to make this less of a catalogue of my thoughts (nobody is too interested in those anyway) and more of a loose collection of posts on many of my various assorted projects, interests and maybe even some of my work as a PhD student.

I decided against using Wordpress or similar software to power this site and instead to use a static blog, this is all done using Octopress and I like the result so far. (Not that there is anything wrong with Wordpress, but for what I’m planing to do, its overkill.)

The lovely theme I’ve used is called Greyshade. I had started work on something very similar a few months ago, but other stuff came up and I never came back to it. But I much prefer this theme to my own effort.

Anyway, awkward introductions over, I hope you will join me soon for some actual content.